Hair styling products and user reviews 2023

Hair styling products and user reviews 2023

Afro Curling Iron – 6 Piece Hairstyling SetPositive comments about the product

– The product is beautiful, the plastic part could have been a little better quality, its appearance is a bit simple, but its heating and curls are wonderful. 

It is very good to have gloves, if those with sensitive hands feel warmth despite the glove, I recommend that they buy the latched ones.- It heats up fast and gives shape immediately. 

I am glad that one of the products I bought is definitely worth its price. I love the Afro curling iron, the only problem is that there is a gap between the straightener, so it bothers fine hair like me.-

I was afraid of having problems while making the headboards plug-in, once or twice you get used to it, read the user manual carefully. 

For those who use it regularly, it wears out the hair, the straightener does not fully close, I think this is a big problem, because my hair is thin, it slips through the plates, it does not even touch the plates. 

The Wag table is actually beautiful, but the hair we put in it comes out from under the tables on both sides, it is a little difficult. It seems to me that it is more suitable for use by professionals. 

If you’re buying it for a straightener, don’t buy it. My hair is straight, I normally do my hair once a month, I bought it for special occasions.

Negative comments about the product

  • – It looks nice, but when you use it, you understand its technical mistakes so well that it is past for return. Half of the straightener fits perfectly and the other half does not touch each other, so it does not straighten and pulls hair on top of it. 
  • Since the clipping apparatus is not made after the curlers wrap the hair, it has to be held by hand and it is very ridiculous, so it is difficult to use. 

  • They put gloves instead, it would be better if he had tongs. And while you wait for the product to cool down so that I can put it back in, you get colder from life, but the product still does not cool. 
  • It’s not much of a problem, of course, I just stated it just so you know. You can find better for this money.- The tong heads of the product are very good for shaping and heat…

  • The straightener head, on the other hand, does not hold the hair properly because it is intermittent, it did not do as I wanted. There was smoke from my hair while I was doing it, so I returned it in all the titles.-
  • The fork parts are beautiful, the various water waves are also very beautiful. But the straightener head is useless zero. It does not hold the hair in any way, there is no compression feature, I think it is broken. But I didn’t have time to return it.

  • Arzum Pro air blown hair straightenerPositive comments about the product– More useful than other blow dryers. Glad I got it, bought it for my daughter, she is 9 years old and has long hair. Both drying and styling was difficult with a normal blow dryer. 
  • But now we are very pleased, we dry and shape at the same time. Thank you for this beautiful product, it came quickly and is solid. I would definitely recommend.-

  • I bought the product at the recommendation of my friend. First of all, if you take the time, you can take a wavy blow dry as if you came out of the hairdresser. There is a two-stage speed adjustment and a cold blowing button. 
  • But you can use the heat setting either cold or very hot. My hair is thin and wavy. It gives a nice shape when I blow dry on the hot setting, but it dries the hair too much. 

  • I’ve been using it for about 1.5 months and I’ve come to this conclusion. Also, the brushes get very hot and the brush head does not come out of the machine due to the expansion as a result of the heat, it is necessary not to force it and wait for it to cool. 
  • If your hair is weak and fragile like mine, you should not use it unless it is necessary, the damage it causes to the hair is burned with a straightener. 

  • Also, the brush is difficult to clean because the bristles stay inside the surface, which makes it very difficult to clean.- I love it. 
  • When I did it with a straightener, my hair was pale as if a cow had licked it, it didn’t look cool at all. It’s very practical. My hair is on my waist, I do both styling and drying in 10 minutes. 
  • Don’t expect a razor-like hair like in a straightener. I had no such expectations. I’m a person who uses straighteners all the time, now I’m bored, it’s a very time-consuming process and it is very damaging to the hair. 
  • It took a long time for me to dry my hair with the dryer after the shower and it didn’t fit. This way, I won’t have to use a straightener every time I go to work. 

  • The 1st setting is for daily styling, and the 2nd setting gives a nice natural airy flatness if you take care of it, although it’s not exactly like a blow dryer. 
  • Before the procedure, I used keratin oil so that it does not swell. No more carrying two machines when traveling. I hope it will last long.

  • Negative comments about the product– It’s not as promised, it pulls out the hair excessively, if it promises baldness in the short term, it can meet this much expectation. I don’t know how to interpret it as beautiful…
  • The dryer does not dry the pattern, the blow dryer does not straighten the pattern.- I do not like the shaping of the product, it is never permanent, it breaks down as I did. 

  • This device is officially useless, it’s a waste of your money.- I have fine-stranded straight hair, I bought it on a whim, I regret it, it electrifies the hair, makes it hard, I have never seen the desired effect, first it gets fuller and then goes out before I leave the house. At least it looked better with the straightener.

  • Dyson Airwrap Multi-styler complete long hair stylerPositive comments about the product– I’ve been waiting for the product for a long time. It was my first try, but my hand was not used to it, but still the result is excellent. 
  • I advise. It provides the luxury of being your own hairdresser at home.- Why did I wait until now? How did it dry my dry, fine hair so quickly? How cool was the forelock section, it’s like going to the hairdresser. Great shipping, thanks Dyson.-

  • Don’t expect instant results like in the videos for long, bushy and thick hair. But in any case, the result is worth it. Persistence and natural appearance are great. Of course, as the hand habit increases, the time will be shortened. 
  • On the other hand, we use the hair dryer head as a family. Dyson quality is undeniable. Shipped perfectly and quickly. The package was very discreet.

  • Negative comments about the product– It’s good quality, but it didn’t meet my expectations. I couldn’t return it, but it’s not worth the money.- My hair is fine, chest-length and dyed. It’s been a week…
  • I’m still undecided, I even created a return code, but I’m waiting. I did it on dry hair, it was never permanent. I did it on damp hair, it was good the first time I did it, it was broken when I got up in the morning. 
  • Also, as a last chance, I applied shaper and if it doesn’t last, I will return it. By the way, I tried the straightening comb and the blow dry brush. 
  • I tried the curling iron once and I almost burned my neck no matter how I fucked it up… As far as I can see, when it comes to shedding and wear, the hair that will fall out still falls out, but it doesn’t break or break the hair as far as I can see…

  • But I think that after the hair you have made is not permanent, it is not preferred only for this. Update: Friends, I could not resist and returned it. 
  • Even if my hair lasted until the morning, even before the rain fell on my hair, it broke down in the slightest humid air, and I hardly got home.

  • Fakir Estelle chrome curling ironPositive comments about the product– A great product, it arrived just in time and a truly excellent result. It heats up in 2 minutes, very satisfied. 
  • I would recommend it to everyone.- I like the product very much. I have thick and bushy hair, but I liked it very much both in terms of its structure and its use. 

  • I would definitely recommend it, but it makes a little noise when turning it on and off, and it doesn’t bother me. You can get it with peace of mind.- It makes thick curls and provides a beautiful look. I am very pleased, wish I had bought it earlier.
  • Negative comments about the product– A very stylish product, ideal for natural waves, but there is no adjustable heat feature, so it leaves a sooty smell no matter how little you keep it on your hair.-

  • I think it’s not a very good product, it stays on the hair for a long time, but makes it curly. It’s disappointing, but we will have to use it.-
  • My waves don’t happen right away and they fall, unfortunately their performance is lower than the curlers I’ve used before.

  • One Step hair styler and straightener blow-dry combPositive comments about the product– B-year-dimmm! I bought it out of curiosity, I wanted to try it and I’m glad I did. The cargo was delivered right when I got out of the shower, so I tried it on my wet hair right away. 
  • I wish I had bought it earlier. I didn’t have to pay for the hair dryer all the time, I already bought the machine for 3 hair dryers. Anyone who is undecided should buy it now. 

  • Cost, time and power savings officially. Yes it did smell but it happens with anything new so it’s ok, shipping was fast and undamaged.
  • I will buy a gift for my sister too, thank you very much.- The product is very nice, but don’t expect a hairdresser’s performance, your hair is a little fluffy and it doesn’t look like a razor. 

  • Here’s the f/p product, pretty good midrange. The only problem is it’s overheating, I’m afraid it will explode. I do it by listening. 
  • My hair is thick and it takes me 5 minutes to straighten 1 strand. The product starts to heat up in 2 minutes, understand now, but it’s better than giving 80 lira to the hairdresser.
  • Negative comments about the product– My product arrived today, my hair is wavy, I tried it right away and I did not like it at all, it was not straight in any way, it made my hair fluffy and fluffy. 
  • A complete disappointment that I took it so eagerly and it has a strange smell of burning plastic, I was really afraid it would burst. I would very much like to return it, unfortunately it did not happen to me.-

  • The product is a savior, especially for women who go to work every day, but I cannot say that the product is very high quality. 
  • The more I use it, the better I understand. The product gets very hot once, I can hardly hold it. Also, I’ve been using it for 2-3 months on average, but it broke my hair a lot. 

  • Yui Kb water wave (wag) curling ironPositive comments about the product– For the first time I made tongs by myself, the result is super. My hair needs to be supported with a spray because it is too straight. 
  • I like it very much and I think the price is very reasonable. As a result of my long researches, I think that this product will not harm my hair and it is the most suitable product in terms of price.-

  • The product is great, it came to me without any problems. Liked it very much. The heat setting is very strong, it heats up as soon as I put it on.
  • Even though my hair is straight, it holds immediately and does not deteriorate in a long time. It is definitely a type of tongs that should be kept at home.-

  • It deserves even 10 stars, I love it, the quality is excellent, if you want light waves, you can give clear waves, there is a heat setting, there is no need to do it at a very high level, the shipping was very good, and the delivery time was short.

  • Negative comments about the product– It’s very busy. There is a constant smell as if it is burning the hair.- The product is very very heavy and not useful. Unfortunately, it only fluffed my hair, even though I kept it waiting. 
  • Even though I have highlights in my hair… The box packaging is really good. I give it 2 points.- It makes the waves beautiful, but it feels like it will burst at any moment. It is a little difficult to use because it is large.

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